Tweets of the Week: Arsenal’s training methods, Fifa’s trolling and Liverpool’s perch

The best and funniest tweets from the world of football, featuring Arsenal’s galaxy brain training methods, Fifa’s top tier trolling and Liverpool’s shiny new perch.

It’s like an insight into a chaotic mind.Β 

Fifa are either banterific or trolling us all with their awards.

Lampard slams FIFA for handing Leeds and Bielsa Fair Play award

Reminder that Ronaldo, member of the 2019 Team of the Year, has just eight non-penalty goals in this calendar year.

Arsenal still don’t like Stoke City, I see.

I wonder what would happen if they swapped jobs.Β 

Not sure you know what a perch is, Peter.Β 

Liverpool CEO: We are back on our perch

In any case, it’s obviously Arsenal they’ll have to knock off it first.

The disrespect.

Five of the biggest League Cup upsets ever

Muh free speech!


The author of Trainspotting really doesn’t like University College Dublin’s football team for some reason.

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