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Autotuned Klopp, inflatable Maradona and fashionista Zizou – Ten of the week’s best football tweets

The funniest and best football-related tweets from the week gone by, featuring a cocksure linesman, a botched penalty kick, Zinedine Zidane’s fashion faux-pas, the official Jurgen Klopp theme tune, Cheltenham puns and Countdown. 

When you love your job, you can’t help but strut. 

The official Jurgen Klopp theme tune.

The Liverpool manager, but in autotune:

This is why I love the Championship.


Leave the Panenkas to the professionals.

And yet another reason why the Championship is the best.

Football club banter is rarely this good.

That giant inflatable Maradona will kill us all!

Here’s a nice thread on Argentina’s obsession with inflatable tunnels.

Poacher’s instinct. 


Why in the bloody hell did none of his teammates warn him?

When you buy the wrong size jeans in Topman.

Zidane’s return to Real Madrid didn’t start quite how we expected.

The only acceptable Cheltenham content this week.

The footballer who went on Countdown. 

Bohemians striker Dinny Corcoran was a contestant on the popular TV show this week, but hoped that no one would cop that it was him, saying “I didn’t think so many people would be watching Channel 4 on a Monday afternoon.”

The mathematical conundrum he had to solve was, quite fittingly, ‘442’.

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