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Souness: Mourinho is in a ‘precarious’ position at Manchester United

Graeme Souness reckons Jose Mourinho is in a precarious situation at Manchester United after his side slipped to an unexpected 3-2 defeat to Brighton.

It has already been a difficult summer at Manchester United for Jose Mourinho, who took the opportunity to whinge about almost anything and everything.

His side had a disappointing pre-season but got their Premier League campaign off to a good start with a 2-1 win over Leicester last-week, a result which would silence some of the critics. However, United seemingly hit the self-destruct button at the AmEx on Sunday afternoon, sliding to a shock 3-2 defeat to Brighton.

The Man Utd defence was run ragged, the midfield lost their battles, and the attack was starved of service in what was an all-round disappointing afternoon, leaving Graeme Souness to give a pretty damning assessment of Jose Mourinho’s tenure:

“He is in a very difficult place, isn’t he? We think he fell out with the Chelsea players and that ultimately cost him his job,” Souness told Sky Sports.

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“As a manager, you have to push them and push them to the point where you are almost falling out with them but you cannot cross that line otherwise you end up falling out with two or three of the top men and they can get you out of the door.

“Two or three becomes six or seven and six or seven becomes 12 or 13. Then all of a sudden, that old chestnut is leaked to the press that he has lost the dressing room. So I think he is in a very precarious position right now if that is what they can give us on a football pitch.”

In the second half, United brought on Marouane Fellaini, and tried to pump the ball long to the Belgian, although Souness was less than impressed with their ‘lower league’ tactics:

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“There is nothing wrong with being direct but this is Manchester United, arguably the biggest club in the world, playing football that was played by teams from a lower league 30 or 40 years ago,” he added.

“It’s lump it forward, play off the bits and see where we go from that. Manchester United have to be better than that. This is a club that needs to be dining at the top table and with this group of players that isn’t going to happen any time soon.”

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