Sarri: Chelsea ‘in trouble’ due to Fabregas’ imminent departure

Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri has admitted his side will be in trouble when Cesc Fabregas leaves the club for Monaco.

The former Arsenal and Barcelona midfielder has been widely reported to have played his last game in West London, with a January departure imminent.

Sarri is clearly troubled by the prospect of losing a key squad player with so much to play fir this season.

“If Cesc will go, of course we need a replacement. Now, with the midfielders we are in trouble, I think.’’ Sarri told the press ahead of tonight’s EFL Cup clash against Spurs.

“Without Cesc we have only five, so we are in trouble. We need a replacement.”

With a busy schedule compounded by the Europa League, Sarri will be all too aware of the impact Fabregas’s exit will have.

He will not want his team spread too thinly. Chelsea are competing on four fronts this season and a strong squad is essential. So too is Fabregras’s experience, with the Italian coach eager to find an adequate replacement.

The transfer window provides them with a chance to strengthen but is notoriously difficult window to trade in.

Other clubs will be aware of Chelsea’s need to strengthen and put their prices up. There is also the added complication of Chelsea’s Champions League qualification not quite looking as straight forward as it did six weeks ago, which may turn some of their top targets off a move to West London.

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