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Ronaldo wants to return to England

Cristiano Ronaldo has sensationally decalared that he wants to return to England.

Speaking in court regarding alleged tax fraud, the Real Madrid megastar has pleaded his innocence and announced he wants to return to England, a place where he never suffered such issues.

The former Manchester United man said:

“In England, I never had these problems, that’s why I want to go back there”

“I always paid my taxes, always. In England and In Spain. And I always paid. As you know, I can not hide anything, it would be ridiculous on my part to do such a thing.

“I am an open book. you don’t need to do anything but type my name into Google and everything about Cristiano comes out.

“For example, Forbes magazine releases all of my earnings.”

When the tax fraud allegations were first made, Ronaldo was believed to have decided to leave the European Champions, but talks of his departure have calmed in recent weeks. However, these latest revelations from the Portuguese striker are only likely to rekindle speculation of a return to Old Trafford.

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