Ronaldo to leave Real Madrid?

Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Real Madrid again according to the latest reports.

Over the last couple of years, there have been rumours that Ronaldo is not happy at Real Madrid and he was wanting to leave Spain for fresher pastures. However, after signing a 5-year contract with Los Blancos last year, all were silenced. The silence did not last long as Ronaldo came out clear after they lost to Tottenham in the Champions League, 3-1. Although Ronaldo improved on his record as the all time leading Champions League goalscorer (111), the result was a major upset.

Back in La Liga, they are not doing well and Ronaldo has not been in his scoring spirits. They recently lost to Girona which saw their major La Liga rivals, Barcelona, take a commanding eight point lead. After the loss to the Spurs, Ronaldo made it clear that he is not signing a new contract with his current club. The Madrid star claims to be happy and satisfied with the contract as it stands. The need for the critics to know the whereabouts of Ronaldo in terms of his contract is due to the wage bracket of top football stars in the world.

Recently, Messi is believed to have signed a new contract with Barcelona, which saw him top Ronaldo in terms of the earnings per week. Also, Neymar was involved in a record-breaking transfer signing to PSG, from Barcelona, where he is earning more than the Madrid star. With all that, taking place this year, many would believe that Ronaldo would be unhappy with such happenings. However, he made it clear that he looks to see through his contract and is not willing to renew it anytime soon until 2021, when it expires.

The woes facing Zinedine Zidane’s men seem to have a negative effect on their performance. In their Champions League group, Tottenham have taken a three point lead over the Spanish side. This is an unusual scenario that many people did not see happening. However, they are bound to qualify for the second round since their closest rival in the third place, Borussia Dortmund, are far behind in points. They could still even beat Tottenham to top the group. The new signings they got are still trying to fit in and this could be the reason for their terrible performance in both La Liga and Champions league.

During the summer of this year’s transfer window, Real Madrid parted ways with James Rodriguez, Pepe, and Alvaro Morata. This could be another reason as to why they have been struggling with winning and scoring in both tournaments. Also, the likes of Bale have been missing in action in crucial games they have lost. All in all, Real is capable even with their current situation as they still have some of the best players in their squad. Since Ronaldo is not likely to leave, they will still need his scoring prowess if they are to get back to their winning ways in all tournaments.

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