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Rio Ferdinand reveals what life was like was under David Moyes

It has been a turbulent start to the season for Jose Mourinho’s men, with reported unrest within the Manchester United camp and many pundits and journalists alike predicting a finish outside of the top four.

This has left many fans reminiscing about the days where the hope of many was that former Everton manager David Moyes would be the heir to Sir Alex Ferguson and lead Manchester United to decades more of dominance and success.

It’s fair to say that not all went to plan for the Scot, who was dismissed before the season was even over with United slumping to a seventh-place finish in the Premier League.

Now United legend Rio Ferdinand, who served under Moyes during his ill-fated season, has revealed what life was like under Moyes.

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Ferdinand told BT Sport’s Premier League Tonight show: “I could have always been better as a player, definitely, but in terms of support for him [Moyes] or wanting him to do well or wanting things to go the right way there’s no question in my mind that I was there behind him in all aspects. But things just didn’t go well.

“Even the mindset in one of the training sessions, I hope I’m not speaking out of line here toward David Moyes, but our mindset we were never worried about the opposition [before his arrival].

“We never set out thinking we need to contain the opposition, we’re going to try and win this game based on what we’re good at, but I remember the first couple of games against Liverpool and Chelsea, we were talking more about Hazard and Coutinho than we were about our own attacking tactics.

“There’s doubt and players there looking at each other thinking ‘This isn’t us, we’re not used to this’. And you can see even the younger players looking around going ‘Woah. We’re better than them, we won the league last year and we can beat these. Put us on the front foot and let us go out and attack these players’.

Ferdinand then went on to suggest Moyes brought a small club mentality to United: “I think that mindset came from being an Everton manager. Moyes in the big games played first not to get beat, then to see what we could get from the game. Before we were always on the front foot. Yes we were aware of the opposition but with the mentality of going there to win.”

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