Report shows Man City spend more on Defence then 52 Countries

Manchester City manager Pep Gaurdiola’s recent claims that his club cannot compete in the transfer market, were greeted with disdain by pretty much every other football club in the world.

Speaking a few days ago the former Barcelona coach said:

“Maybe in the future it is going to happen but we did not pay one player more than £100million, £90million, £80million. We cannot pay.”

However, since then City have spent £57 million on French centre-back Aymeric Laporte, and have tabled a £50 million bid for Leicester attacker Riyad Mahrez.

While Guardiola’s statement that the Etihad club won’t pay £80 – 100 million on a single player is true to a point, they seem to have no problem spending £50 million plus on two players in just a couple of days.

One area The Citizen’s have been keen to strengthen in both last summers transfer window and this window is their defence.

In fact, the signing of Laporte brings Guardiola’s spending on defensive reinforcements to a whopping £216 million over the course of both windows.

With the transfer fees as follows: Aymeric Laporte (£57m)  Benjamin Mendy (£49.3m), Kyle Walker (£50m) and Danilo (£26.5m) as well as goalkeeper Ederson (£34.9m) at the back.

It has even been revealed in a report by I NEWS that City’s annual spend on their defence is actually more than 52 actual Countries. Below is a list of the top ten to make the list of Nations, who are currently unable to spend as much on defending their own territory, as a football team in England spend on people to keep a ball out of a goal.

Man City of course are not the only club in the Premier League spending mega money. Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has spent much of this window complaining about his club’s lack of spending in the transfer market, despite his club actually spending £202 million on players last summer.

Manchester United also signed Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal this month, and are paying the Chile international £450,000 per week before tax.

If these stats don’t make us all realise that the money being spent in the Premier League is completely out of control, nothing ever will.