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Premier League announce 2018/19 fixtures

It may be the start of the World Cup today, but its also the start of the 2018/19 Premier League season with the announcement of this year’s fixtures.

While every team has to play each other twice, it’s an exciting day in the football calendar as fans from all clubs can start making plans for the season ahead.

Opening day fixtures

Arsenal v Man City

Bournemouth v Cardiff

Fulham v Palace

Huddersfield v Chelsea

Liverpool v West Ham

Man Utd v Leicester

Newcastle v Tottenham

Southampton v Burnley

Watford v Brighton

Wolves v Everton

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Final day fixtures

Brighton v Manchester City

Burnley v Arsenal

Crystal Palace v Bournemouth

Fulham v Newcastle United

Leicester City v Chelsea

Liverpool v Wolves

Manchester United v Cardiff City

Southampton v Huddersfield Town

Tottenham Hotspur v Everton

Watford v West Ham United

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Top six first three fixtures

Man City: Arsenal (a), Huddersfield (h), Wolves (a)

Man Utd: Leicester (h), Brighton (a), Tottenham (h)

Tottenham: Newcastle (a), Fulham (h), Man Utd (a)

Liverpool: West Ham (h), Palace (a), Brighton (h)

Chelsea: Huddersfield (a), Arsenal (h), Newcastle (a)

Arsenal: Man City (h), Chelsea (a), West Ham (h)

New boys first three

Wolves: Everton (h), Leicester (a), Man City (h)

Cardiff: Bournemouth (a), Newcastle (h), Huddersfield (a)

Fulham: Palace (h), Tottenham (a), Burnley (h)

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Selected others

Arsenal v Man City – Aug 11

Chelsea v ArsenalAug 18

Chelsea v Liverpool – Sept 29

Liverpool v Man City – Oct 6

Chelsea v Man Utd – Oct 20

Arsenal v Liverpool – Nov 3

Man City v Man Utd – Nov 10

Tottenham v Chelsea – Nov 24

Liverpool v Everton – Dec 1

Arsenal v Tottenham – Dec 1

Man Utd v Arsenal – Dec 4

Chelsea v Man City – Dec 8

Liverpool v Man Utd – Dec 15

Liverpool v Arsenal – Dec 29

Man City v Liverpool – Jan 1

Arsenal v Chelsea – Jan 19

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Man City v Arsenal – Feb 2

Man City v Chelsea – Feb 9

Man Utd v Liverpool – Feb 23

Chelsea v Tottenham – Feb 27

Everton v Liverpool – Mar 1

Tottenham v Arsenal – Mar 2

Arsenal v Man Utd – Mar 9

Man Utd v Man City – Mar 16

Liverpool v Chelsea – Apr 13

Man Utd v Chelsea – Apr 27

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