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Pochettino says Spurs ‘are not realistic contenders’ for the Premier League title

Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino does not believe his side are realistic contenders for the Premier League title or any other competition they are involved in for that matter.

The North London outfit began the season in superb form winning their opening three Premier League fixtures, including a famous 3-0 victory away to Manchester United.

However, Spurs have since put in two below-par performances during losses to Watford and Liverpool, with Pochettino once again suggesting that his players may have become a little complacent.

“We are not realistic contenders in any single competition, that is my view. If we show the same face as against Watford, it’s impossible to be a contender. If we show the face [we showed against] Liverpool, it will be so difficult,” Pochettino told the press ahead of his sides Champions League encounter away to Inter Milan tomorrow.

“If we show some of what we did against Manchester United then maybe yes. I explained after Old Trafford it was difficult to keep the feet on the grass and believe that the job was done.

“But we need to work harder and be more competitive and improve. The last two defeats are so good but it is a wake-up call and we have to try and improve and we have time. It is only the start of the season.

“We have to show our best and show we deserve to be a contender. We need to be consistent to be a contender.

“It is important for them to see the reality if they are going to improve. And if we are going to be a contender then we need to improve a lot. A lot. If not we will be a good team, we will win some and lose some, but a contender is different.

“In my mind, if you want to be a contender you need to show much, much more. We won three games in a row and after went to Watford and Liverpool and were not capable to win, it is difficult to be considered a contender.”

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