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Players set for ‘crunch meeting’ ahead of project restart

The Premier League will host a ‘crunch meeting’ with representative captains and managers today as talks continue over a potential return to league action.

Further details on the Premier League‘s project restart proposals will be heard during a conference call on Wednesday, which will include club captains, managers and medical professionals, alongside representatives from the Professional Footballer’s Association and League Managers Association.

The main subjects up for discussion are the concerns over player welfare amid a potential return to action, with several leading players – including Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero and Chelsea’s Antonio Rudiger – having expressed their apprehension at the safety of returning to football amid the ongoing pandemic.

According to the Telegraph, the Premier League will today detail ‘significant cultural changes’ that need to be accepted if football is to return – including players ‘turning their face away when getting up from the challenge’ and ‘avoiding face to face contact wherever possible’ – warning that the sport would be unable to return until next year unless measures are put into place.

The Premier League will address concerns over a rushed return for professional football following comments from several players angered at the possibility of returning in an unsafe environment, with England international Danny Rose having blasted plans for a restart next month.

It is understood, however, that one of the principles behind ‘Project Restart’ is to implement changes and testing now, so football can continue and deal with any potential second spike in cases later this year.

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