Paolo Di Canio reminisces about his ‘perfect’ strike for West Ham

Yesterday marked the 18th birthday of one of the Premier Leagues most iconic goals, which was scored by enigmatic Italian attacker Paolo Di Canio.

The former Sunderland managers strike for West Ham against Wimbledon at the Boleyn Ground in 2000, was a thing of pure beauty.

In fact, few players would even have the imagination to attempt such a strike, let alone the technical brilliance required to execute it to perfection.

Di Canio was that type of stereotypical maverick attacker, one part mad man, other part footballing genius, capable of producing match winning moments of brilliance in the blink of an eye.

We included his amazing finish in our list of the five greatest volleyed goals in Premier League history, and speaking about the goal for which he is most remembered the 49-year-old described it a ”perfect strike.”

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“The Wimbledon goal was very good!”

“The delivery was a typical English delivery, you know, as it was a delivery that started and arrived quickly.

“In an instant, I saw this ball arrive and I did a bicycle volley instinctively and the percentage of the difficulty is 99 per cent. But, if you see the change in the air, it is a harmony that only the dancer can have.

“I can understand in England why they show this because it was pretty much a perfect strike.” Di Canio told Football365.

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