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Only two Manchester United players would maybe get in Liverpool’s side claims former Reds striker

Only two of Manchester United’s players would get into the current Liverpool side. That’s the message coming from former Reds striker Dean Saunders.

It has been a turmoil-ridden summer for Manchester United, with Jose Mourinho seeming to make the headlines on a daily basis for all the wrong reasons.

Whether it be his whining about a lack of transfers, his fall-outs with his players, or even just the miserable defensive style of football that his team offers up, it seems that all is not right at Old Trafford.

Now, Dean Saunders has waded in on the debate to deliver a pretty damning assessment of Premier League giants, saying that maybe only two of United’s players would get into the current Liverpool side:

“Manchester United are in turmoil,” Saunders told Jim White on talkSPORT.

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“I can’t understand how it’s gone so pear-shaped.

“The manager doesn’t look happy and the fans are really, really not happy.

“Things are just not right at the club. It’s like two massive film stars getting married and you know it’s going to end in tears.”

The Welshman added: “Would any of their players get in Liverpool’s team?

“I’m not Man United bashing, and I haven’t picked Liverpool because I used to play for them, I’ve picked them because they are one of the top teams this year.

“United have spent £711million since Sir Alex Ferguson left the club, and they probably have not got one player who is a certainty to get into Liverpool’s team.

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“De Gea over Alisson? Maybe. Pogba? Possibly, but with the disruption he is causing, I don’t know whether I would have him.

“Liverpool have spent as well, but they have spent wisely and they are going in the right direction.

“For Manchester United to spend £711million and have the team playing how it is at the minute, I just think it’s amazing.”

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