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‘Nonsense’ – Fowler defends Salah’s greediness claims

Robbie Fowler has defended suggestions Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah is greedy as ‘nonsense’.

The Egypt international has come under criticism following Liverpool‘s win at Burnley, with Salah having angered Sadio Mane, who appeared frustrated at the forward’s decision to go for goal rather than pass the ball to his unmarked teammate.

Liverpool legend Fowler has now come to the defence of Salah, who has scored 74 goals in 110 appearances for the club, saying that all top forwards must have ‘total belief’ that they will score when opportunities are presented.

“Everyone commenting and talking nonsense about being “greedy” or destroying team spirit, have they never watched football before? Because you can’t be a ­top-class goalscorer without total belief you will score,” Fowler wrote in the Mirror.

“One of my more famous goals was at Old Trafford where I smashed one past Peter Schmeichel through a sliver of a gap at his near post. Made him look stupid, made me look brilliant – ­classic striker’s goal.

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“Yet Rushie was unmarked in the middle, and the gap was TINY. Should I have passed? Those people ­slagging off Salah would have you believe so. They’d say I was selfish, was jealous of Ian Rush and the goals he scored.

“Thing is a few ­minutes before that, I was in the same position – and did pass. And Rushie missed a sitter, from three yards! But I was never going to pass anyway.

“I saw Schmeichel had just drifted to his left, had the weight on his left foot, and I ­believed I was good enough to hit that gap between him and the near post. I always believed.

“That’s what goalscorers do. They train for it, their whole week on the ­training ground is spent practising, visualising, working out how to score for every position and the best always believe they can score – from five yards, from 20, from 40. Wherever. Even if it’s easier to pass for a tap-in.

“I look at Salah’s record and it tells me he’s going to keep doing it.

“You don’t score that many goals without being what people say is selfish. But what the hell do people want?”

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