Neymar – 10 of the best quotes about the Brazilian superstar

Neymar has long been hailed as the natural successor to Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi as the world’s greatest footballer.

The Brazil international became the world’s most expensive footballer earlier this year when he swapped Barcelona for PSG, and almost every great of the game is in agreement that he will go onto to become a legend over the coming decade.

Here’s a look at some of the best quotes about the PSG forward:

He was a talent, still, talent alone is not enough – a lot of big players have talent – but really maximising that talent, working every day, mentally working on that talent every day, that is hard. It’s not easy and you see he’s maintained that and he’s stayed focused and now you see he is up there but he’s still not on that level of those two [Messi and Ronaldo].” Edgar Davids



“Without doubt, Neymar is already my heir. He is performing in that role and he has been for many years. He is a great player and he will be the face of Brazil for plenty of seasons to come.“Neymar is a phenomenon. It’s nice to see a Brazilian continuing to make history and I think he can be the greatest in the world.” Ronaldinho


“He hasn’t just shown his quality but he has showed it in the big games like against Real Madrid – and that is where the big players really prove themselves. I think any questions that were asked of Neymar have been very clearly answered. There were many people asking how he would adapt to European football – but I think we have seen very clearly how he has adapted. He is a great player, has a very good attitude, and will go on to be the best player in the world. Neymar’s happiness blows me away. The guy plays without any pressure.” Xavi


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“Neymar reminds me of Cruyff. I could never see him play live, but Cruyff had an incredible change of pace, like him. He starts fast, slows suddenly and restarts with a lot of speed.”Cesc Fabregas


“Neymar has a lot of potential. After the era of Messi and Cristiano, surely he will be No. 1. Neymar is a player I really like. He is extraordinary. He has a certain style of play that is his own. Every player has his own style and I like his style. He has been criticised and people have been commenting on his personal life. But he is just enjoying himself, dancing and singing. People will always continue to criticise him and he always responds when necessary” Diego Simeone



“Some people like his style, others don’t. I can understand that his opponents don’t like it when he fools about too much on the pitch, but the way he plays certainly brings a lot of spectacle. The fans love players like Neymar.” Zinedine Zidane


“With Neymar nothing surprises me what he does. He has an unusual quality and is a real phenomenon” David Luiz

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“It’s been clear ever since he signed for Brazilian team Santos at 17 that Neymar is an outstanding talent, a once-in-a-generation type of footballer who has fans on their feet whenever he gets the ball. I’ve always been struck by his humility. He’s respectful and wants to learn, which he proved when he arrived at Barcelona in 2013 to play alongside some of the game’s biggest stars.” David Beckham


“He’s the heir to the throne of Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi.” Rio Ferdinand.


“It’s about time for Neymar to take his place as the best in the world.” Ronaldo.


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