Trippier insists ‘annoying’ Newcastle will continue to wind up opponents ahead of Carabao Cup final

Kieran Trippier has insisted that Newcastle will continue to be ‘cute’ and ‘clever’ during games after Erik ten Hag called them an ‘annoying’ side to play against.

The Manchester United boss was referencing the Magpies’ time-wasting this season, with the ball in play during Newcastle matches for an average of just 51 minutes and 47 seconds – the second lowest in the entire Premier League,


Speaking ahead of today’s Carabao Cup final against Ten Hag’s United, Newcastle right-back Kieran Trippier insisted that delaying tactics are part of ‘clever’ in-game management.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I have experienced it a lot in Spain,” he said, as per the Mail. “It’s about knowing when to slow a game down. If the opposition are having more of the ball and are on top, of course you’ve got to kill the game. You’re not going to take a quick throw-in and say, ‘Carry on’. You have to manage the game.

“Some teams are not happy with us this season, but it’s about being clever in that moment, about using your experience. Opposition fans are not going to like it either, because it’s against their team. But as a neutral, I think it’s good to see. I don’t see why everyone’s kicking off about it, it’s good!’

Asked if Newcastle will continue to do it, Trippier insisted: “Of course we will. You’ve got to have that mentality. If you want to win, if you want to be successful, you have to be cute in every single game.

“You look at teams like Real Madrid and how successful they have been, and they’ve had players like Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, and they were the best at it. If you want to be successful, you have to manage the game well, and at the right time.”

Trippier, of course, learned from the master of the footballing dark arts Diego Simeone during his time at Atletico Madrid, and the England international said he learned so much from the Argentine.

“Don’t mess with him or you’re coming off,” he said of Simeone. “I have seen that on a regular basis. I was one of them, I was on the wrong end at AC Milan away. It’s not pretty, but it’s about respect. I just learned so much from him — my defending, my positioning, I matured.”

Howe – who signed Trippier for Burnley back in 2012 – took time to study the game following his exit from Bournemouth, including taking a trip to watch Atletico Madrid training, perhaps where he picked up on some of Simeone’s mentality, and Trippier was full of praise after being reunited with Howe again at St James’ Park.

“It’s the same with the gaffer here,” he continued. “He came to watch Atletico train when he didn’t have a job. We have always had that contact and relationship.

“I am just honoured and proud he gave me another opportunity to work with him and try to create history here. I think he’s an incredible manager.”

Asked about the levels of sh*thousery he experienced at Atletico, Tripper revealed it even went on in training.

“The best for me was Stefan Savic at Atletico. He used to pull people’s hair, even in training. It was crazy. I love it.”

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