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Neville reveals he wants to go to Old Trafford again since Solskjaer took over

Gary Neville reveals why Man United are once again enjoyable to watch under a new manager.

The former Manchester United full-back praised the team for how much better they look under caretaker boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, revealing it’s making him want to go to games at Old Trafford again.

“I like watching it, that’s it. I want to go to the ground again. About six to eight weeks ago there was a game in midweek and I stayed at home and watched it on television. I didn’t want to go and there were many fans like that,’’ Neville told Sky Sports.

“We can’t be in that position as Manchester United fans. We have to think there’s a game on at Old Trafford and I want to go. That’s how Manchester United fans will be thinking now because when you watch Jesse Lingard, Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial and Paul Pogba running from box to box like they are, you’re electrified.

“There was one counter-attack in the first half at Wembley where they sprinted forward from one box to the other and I thought ‘Wow! I’m watching red shirts run from box to box in three seconds, passing quickly’ and that’s what you want to see.”

Neville also said that United fans have been “spoiled” by success over the years and need to get used to the idea that they won’t win titles every season.

“I don’t expect to see winning football as a Manchester United fan every week. I don’t expect them to win titles every year. There are a group of fans that grew up in the Sir Alex Ferguson years who have been spoiled. They will think we have to win titles every single year as a football club.”

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