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Neville reveals he didn’t think Scholes would make it at Manchester United

Gary Neville has said that he doubted that Paul Scholes would make it at Manchester United, saying that physically, he had very little going for him.

Neville and Scholes were of course a part of the famed ‘Class of 92’, alongside David Beckham, Nicky Butt, Ryan Giggs and Phil Neville, who between them, amassed an incredible 50 Premier League winners medals, with Scholes being considered as one of Manchester United‘s greatest ever players.

Not only is Scholes one of the greatest players to wear the famous red jersey, but he is also revered by his peers as one of the greatest midfielders of his generation.

However, his former teammate Gary Neville has said he had doubts as a youngster whether the Ginger Ninja had the physical attributes to become a top talent.

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“If you said to me at 12, 13, Scholesy would be one of the greatest players… how?” Neville told the ‘Quickly Kevin, Will He Score?’ podcast.

“He was so small, so slight. He didn’t have great energy. He had no strength. You could knock him off the ball because he was really slight.

“He had asthma. He couldn’t really run very far. He wasn’t quick, he never beat you for pace.

“So you’ve got to imagine at 12, 13 you’re playing against Nicky Butt, who was an animal. He’d run all over you, the power, the strength, he’d kick you, he’d pass the ball, he’d run forward.

“You saw Ben Thornley beating players, quick, nimble, agile. You saw Becks, coming in, best striker of a ball you ever saw, whipping the crosses in.

“So you saw qualities in every single player. And then you look at Scholesy, obviously he was tidy on the ball, but you think how can he? He can’t cope. Physically he can’t cope with everything that’s going on around him.”

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