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Neville admits Manchester United fans have been ‘bored’ since Fergie’s retirement

Gary Neville believes Man United are once again becoming a side that the fans can be proud of and cheer on. 

The former England full-back believes that it is more important for a club to not be boring rather than necessarily winning all the time, adding that United are once again exciting to watch.

“I grew up in the late Seventies and Eighties when Manchester United never won a title, so for 15 or 16 years of my life, Manchester United were always the pretenders. They were the side that always threatened, but never delivered.’’ Neville told Sky Sports.

“So, it’s not always about winning, but I was always enthralled by going to watch. What I’ve seen at times in the last five or six years is you can win, you can lose, and you can draw, but you can never be bored watching a football team.”

In December the Red Devils sacked manager Jose Mourinho, who was notorious for his negative tactics, and replaced him with club legend Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, which has seen an uptick in both results and the style of play.

“There have been times when I think the fans have become bored by watching the club play and that’s something you can never have. And that’s for every club. Fans go to games, paying the money that they pay to get that release form a hard-working week and they don’t want to be bored. They want to see excitement.

“From a Tottenham point of view, they can go away having lost on Sunday but still be proud and that’s what Manchester United fans want. They want to be proud that they’ve watched the team play.”

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