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Neville makes Manchester derby prediction

Gary Neville has said that no result in Sundays Manchester derby would be a surprise, saying that both sides have the ability to win.

The balance of power has certainly shifted from Red to Blue in the northern city of Manchester in recent years, with Man City winning three of the last seven Premier League titles, while Manchester United have won just one.

While United had their best ever finish in the post Sir Alex Ferguson era last time out, they still finished a whopping 19 points behind their Manchester rivals who won the league at an absolute canter.

This season, City have continued where they left off, regaining their position at the top of the tree, while United have endured a woeful start to the season. However, they have improved of late, and are unbeaten in five league games.

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What has been key to United’s resurgence has been their ability to turn games around, with United coming from behind to grab points against Newcastle, Chelsea, Bournemouth and Juventus in recent weeks.

With the first meeting between Pep and Jose on the horizon, Neville has delivered his pre-derby prediction:

“I haven’t got a clue! Nothing would really surprise me in this game as it could swing so much either way – I wouldn’t be surprised it City won 3-0 but it wouldn’t surprise me if United won 2-1 or 3-2 either,” Neville said on his weekly podcast.

“My heart says United will win 2-1 because they’ll basically stay in the game and score two late goals after City failed to kill them off.

“My head probably says City will win more than likely 2-0, 3-1, something like that.”

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