Mourinho slams media and Premier League rivals

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has come out swinging after a summer in which the Portuguese coach has been heavily criticised from all angles.

While it must be said that the former Chelsea boss has done himself no favours with his sullen demeanour and constant complaining during pre-season, it’s fair to say the 55-year-old’s achievements in the game and even since arriving at Old Trafford in the summer of 2016 are not always judged objectively against some of his Premier League rivals.

Speaking to the press ahead of his sides Premier League opener against Leicester City tomorrow Mourinho took the time to have a dig at the media for their coverage of his Old Trafford reign and also the achievements or lack thereof of some of his top six rivals.

“My view is that first of all is difficult for me to believe we finished second.’’ Mourinho told the press.

“When I listen, when I read, not much but sometimes I do, it is difficult to believe that we finished second, because you are capable of making people that finish second look like they were relegated and people who win nothing, finish below us, and you make them look like serial winners.

“It is difficult for me to understand, to feel, to believe we finish second – which I keep saying.

“And it is sometimes difficult to believe, that I won eight championships and three Premier Leagues but I keep feeling that the second last season was one of my biggest achievements in the game.”

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