Mourinho not focussing on stopping City winning the league

Jose Mourinho has claimed that he is not focussed on stopping Manchester City winning the title, and only focussed on helping his side to finish second in the League.

United and City were neck-and-neck for the first few weeks of the season, and could only be separated by goal difference. However, while United started to drop the odd point here and there, City carried on in relentless fashion.

They now find themselves in a position 16 points ahead of United with just 21 left to play for, but a victory over United in todays Manchester derby, would see them crowned as champions for just the fifth time in their history.

However, speaking in his pre-match press conference, Mourinho denied that he was focussed on stopping City becoming Champions against his side, and is only motivated to claim second place in the table:

“My motivation is to finish second,” said Mourinho.

“I still have the motivation of finishing top four, mathematically it is not done, it is a good distance but not done so that’s the first objective but after that I don’t hide.

“In practical terms and for next season to finish second, third or fourth is exactly the same, you don’t win the title but qualify for the Champions League group stage.

“But I prefer to finish third and fourth and second and first, and we have been second for many, many months.

“It is our objective to fight for that and for that we need points. My objective for tomorrow is try to have points to finish second.”

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