Mourinho: New year will be better for ‘cursed’ Sanchez

Jose Mourinho has predicted that 2019 will bring better things for Alexis Sanchez after his wretched 12 months at Manchester United.

Having moved from Arsenal in January, there was a great weight of expectation upon the shoulders of Alexis Sanchez. However, the Chilean has scored just four goals for Manchester United in what has been an underwhelming year.

He is set to be on the sidelines for what Jose Mourinho has described as ‘a long time’ having picked up an injury, that will keep him out of action until the new year, but the United manager has predicted that there will be better things to come upon his return to action.

“When we speak about Alexis, I think you should ask why every time a player is not playing in Manchester United, there is always a rumour. There is always a problem. It’s only here,” Mourinho told the press before his sides clash against Southampton.

“In Chelsea when Willian doesn’t play there is no problem with Willian and (Maurizio) Sarri. In Man City, when Gabriel Jesus is not playing for weeks, there is never a problem. It is just a normal decision.

“Here is the only club where every day the manager has problems with the players. You make me feel very, very special because I am the one who is different from everybody else.

“But speaking about Alexis – a frustrating season. It’s a season where he is not playing a lot, where he had small injuries, where he now has a big injury.

“I don’t like and don’t believe in the word curse but I have to admit it was probably a very unlucky six months, and we expect the new year brings better things for him.”

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