Mourinho slams media ‘manhunt’ after Manchester United’s sensational comeback

Jose Mourinho has slammed the media for trying to hound him out of Old Trafford, describing recent reports as a manhunt.

Reports broke 24 hours ago that Jose Mourinho would be relieved of his duties by the Manchester United board, no matter what the outcome of today’s game against Newcastle would be.

However, nobody in their wildest imaginations could have predicted just what that outcome would have been. After 10 minutes, the 20-time league champions were 2-0 down against a Newcastle side that were yet to win a game in the Premier League this season.

The scoreline remained that way until the 70th minute, when a Juan Mata free-kick sparked a sensational Sir Alex Ferguson-esque comeback, with United going on to win the game 3-2.

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During the game, Mourinho made a bold move to make his first substitution after just 19 minutes, and with the Portuguese in bullish mood, he has said that it seems that he is being blamed for everything at the moment, including Brexit, and the bad weather:

“A lot of things have been directed at me personally,” he said. “There is too much talking. I have begun to feel that if it rains in London tomorrow it is my fault. If people don’t like Brexit it is my fault. I have been blamed for extending my contract until 2020 but I didn’t point a pistol at the club, they wanted to give it to me. I am 55 years old now and I can live with it but some of my boys are not coping quite so well.

“I think a lot of wickedness and a clear man-hunting that I think in football is too much. It’s my life, it’s a life I love, it’s a life I worked since I was a kid. I will love it until my last day.

“In the first half against Newcastle every time a ball came into our box it seemed to lead to a goal. Marcus Rashford was scared on the pitch. Scott McTominay was scared on the pitch, they were making mistakes that were not normal.”

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