A football fan protests against the European Super League.
A football fan protests against the European Super League.

Man Utd and Liverpool confirm stance on Super League following court ruling

Manchester United and Liverpool remain opposed to the European Super League in the wake of Thursday’s court ruling. 

The European Court of Justice determined that Uefa and Fifa acted unlawfully in their attempts to block the formation of the rival competition, although Uefa say they remain committed in their opposition to it.

The Super League, which was announced in April 2021, contained 12 teams from around Europe, including six from the Premier League. Eight of the original clubs backed out following widespread hostility to the proposed breakaway.

In a short statement Man United confirmed that their “position has not changed” since pulling out of the project over two years ago.

It read: “We remain fully committed to participation in Uefa competitions, and to positive cooperation with Uefa, the Premier League, and fellow clubs through the ECA on the continued development of the European game.”

Likewise, Liverpool do not intend on rejoining the Super League. “We are absolutely committed to following that through and there should be no ambiguity to suggest otherwise,” the club told the Liverpool Echo.

The UK Government said that it was bringing forward legislation that will stop clubs from joining a breakaway competition.

Elsewhere, founding member Atletico Madrid released a strong statement following the ruling in which they said: “The European football family does not want the European Super League”.

Bayern Munich, who were not among the founding members of the Super League, stated the court ruling “does not change the attitude of FC Bayern and the attitude of the ECA that such a competition would represent an attack on the importance of the national leagues and the statics of European football.”

Their statement added: “We also support the European club competitions under the umbrella of Uefa. So once again it’s very clear: the door for the Super League at FC Bayern remains closed.”

He claimed the ruling means that “clubs will be the masters of their destiny,” before adding: “The Europe of freedoms has triumphed again and today football and its fans have also triumphed.”

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