Lukaku reveals childhood footballing icon

Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku has revealed which player was his childhood icon during his younger days.

Every player, no matter at what level of the game, remembers their childhood hero. It differs from player to player depending on your position and style. For me, it was David Beckham, and Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku has revealed who his footballing icon was when he was growing up.

Speaking in an interview with ESPN Brazil, Lukaku said that he has always had a good connection with Brazilian players, and was good friends with the likes of David Luiz and William during his time at Chelsea.

However, he admitted that one Brazilian in particular, Adriano, the former Inter Milan star, was his childhood idol.

He said:

“I have a good relationship with people from Brazil and I really like Brazilian players.

“When I was little, Adriano was my great idol because when I was little, I had the same qualities as him.

“Very strong, shooting with the left was the same. I hope he’s going to play again because he’s a good player. For me he’s an idol. I like him a lot.”

Every person of a similar age to myself will remember Adriano from the video game FIFA. The striker had such a powerful strike he could score from almost anywhere and he was rated as one of the best in the world (94) – such were his abilities on the field.

In the same interview, Lukaku also revealed why he chose to join Manchester United rather than return to Chelsea.