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La Liga: Man City ‘should be sanctioned’ after FFP leaks

“Manchester City have cheated and should be sanctioned.” That is the strong and unequivocal message coming out of La Liga following the allegations made against the Premier League champions.

The three letters, FFP, have always hung over Manchester City ever since Sheikh Mansour took over the club in 2008, with the rich Arab pumping billions into the Premier League side to transform them into the all-dominating side we see today.

However, leaked internal emails in German publication Der Spiegel look to confirm that City’s wealthy owners have pumped millions of pounds into the club outside the permitted limits of the FFP rules, using their other Abu Dhabi based investments such as ‘Etihad Airlines’ as an aid to bend the rules.

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As the leaks continue to emerge, the Spanish top flight, La Liga, have urged UEFA to take action against Manchester City as well as fellow Abu Dhabi owned club PSG, and have warned that they could take it to the European Union courts.

“The Football Leaks documents [in der Spiegel] appear to confirm what we have been saying for years. Both PSG and Manchester City are cheating and should be sanctioned,” La Liga’s Chief communications officer, Joris Evers told BBC Sport

“We certainly hope Uefa will take the right decisions and enforce Financial Fair Play rules, but we don’t have full confidence that they will.

“Should Uefa fail to act, we will do what we have said before: launch a complaint with European Union competition authorities.”

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