Keegan rant

Keegan pleads with Newcastle fans to keep supporting club despite Ashley ownership

Kevin Keegan has urged Newcastle fans to stay behind their team despite their unhappiness with the controversial decade long ownership of Sports Direct Tycoon Mike Ashley.

Geordie legend Keegan is adored in the North East after his spells with the club as both a player and manager.

The former England manager has been a vocal critic of Ashley’s reign for many years now, having resigned as Newcastle boss in 2008 due to allegedly been forced to sign players by the club’s board against his wishes.

Ashley is a hugely unpopular figure with the Geordie Faithful and Keegan has pleaded with Newcastle fans to keep supporting their club until Ashley does eventually sell the club.

“Everybody knows, it’s very clear, that you want Mike Ashley out and your patience so far has been fantastic,” Keegan said at a signing of his new autobiography, My Life in Football.

“I always say this, he will go one day. He can’t last forever. He will go. Just keep doing what you are doing, which is supporting your football club.

“Because if that club goes down again because there is no support there, then it could dive again. So it is better in the Premier League for people to invest. If he puts a sensible price on it, I think you will get a buyer.”

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