John Terry admits Mourinho inspired him to want to coach

Former Chelsea captain and club legend John Terry has admitted that it was working with Jose Mourinho that inspired him to want to become a coach.

Speaking to the Coaches Voice the 36-year-old stated :

“From the moment Jose came in, I knew I wanted to be a coach. Before then, as a player, I just went out on the pitch and played. Didn’t think about the training sessions, the coaching, the size of the pitches we’d train on, anything. Then I saw something special, and it was all about preparation.”

“He’d be out there at 8am, putting out cones, making sure there were enough bibs, enough balls. He brought ballboys into the training ground to make sure we would get balls back on the pitch as soon as possible. As a group of players, not just me, we all took note of how good he was right from the start.”

Terry is currently still playing with Aston Villa in the Championship, although he is eager to get into management or coaching as soon as his playing career does finally come to an end.

The former England international enjoyed a hugely successful relationship with Mourinho as the pair won three Premier League titles together. Despite the Portuguese coach falling out with the vast majority of people at Stamford Bridge his former captain continues to speak highly of him whenever he is given the opportunity.

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