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“I think the term is, scenes!” – Tweets of the Week

The funniest and best football-related tweets from an absolutely mental week, featuring Glenn Hoddle, John Aldridge and Brian Kerr losing their minds, Marcelo Bielsa’s secret motivational trick, West Brom’s Twitter account on fleek, and Glenn Murray’s role in the impending apocalypse.

It’s been quite a week of football. Beginning with Manchester United being held to a draw by Huddersfield Town in the Premier League and ending with four teams in two European finals, we have been truly spoiled these past seven days.

Everywhere you looked, English teams were winning so much they got sick of winning.

A week that could only be explained thusly:

But no one will be able to explain this to me:


John Aldridge doesn’t so much commentate as make guttural noises into a microphone.


That had nothing on Glenn Hoddle though, who was almost sent back to hospital by Rio Ferdinand’s gesticulations.

On Irish television there was less performative wailing form the pundits, but no less excitement when Spurs staged their comeback against Ajax.

Not everyone was as happy as Brian Kerr to see Spurs win though.

This Tottenham is going to be having a long conversation with his wife when he gets home:

And now two legends of the game will face off in Madrid…

… in the Peter Crouch Derby.

Elsewhere, Hector Bellerin might be having a bad season with injury, but he’s still very excited about Arsenal making the Europa League final.

But now we have to look ahead to the final day of the Premier League…

The proper stuff got underway on Saturday though with the playoffs, where Marcelo Bielsa was encouraging his Leeds United players ahead of the first leg against West Brom.

We usually hate club banter, but this was actually not cringe-inducing from West Brom.

And they followed it up with this absolute doozy of a burn on Stoke City after the Potters tried to troll Albion after their 1-0 defeat to Leeds. 

Meanwhile, in the Greatest League in the World.

The42 published this brilliant mini-documentary about the man who sells programmes at St. Patrick’s Athletic’s games.

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