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“Slabhead has arrived” – How Twitter reacted to Harry Maguire’s mega move to Man United

Harry Maguire’s record-breaking transfer to Manchester United from Leicester City caused a huge stir on Twitter, where he was lauded, critiqued and memed in equal measure. 

It’s finally going to happen. Harry Maguire is moving to Manchester United. Thank god that’s coming to a close soon and we can all move on with our lives. I mean, we all think we love a good transfer saga, but in reality, they’re a bit tiresome, aren’t they?

Look, we can all be delighted for Slabhead all the same though, yeah? A proper salt-of-the-earth Yorkshireman who has worked his way up the greasy pole of English football to eventually reach one of the biggest clubs in world football.

Maguire started out his professional career at local side Sheffield United, where he roughed it out in the third tier for several years, before moving to Hull City, where he was a part of one of the worst Premier League teams in recent memory. Now one member of that defence has won a Champions League and another has just smashed the transfer record for a defender.

It’s a real Cinderella story. You know, if Cinderella had a massive forehead and the presence of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Harry Maguire’s long-awaited transfer created a real buzz online.


And, to be fair, some of these stats might justify that buzz and excitement.

His signing presents one obvious problem, though. 

At least now no one can deny Ed Woodward doesn’t get the job done.



Apparently, Slabhead is a figure of fun to some people? I, for one, am shocked.


Liverpool fans were poking fun at their rivals over the fee, but United supporters were having none of it. 

Unexpectedly, Chris Smalling was also trending on Twitter:



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