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Guardiola: Everybody ‘spys’ in other countries

Pep Guardiola today gave his own input to the whole ‘spygate’ controversy concerning Leeds United’s manager Marcelo Bielsa.

The Manchester City manager downplayed the importance of the incident and insisted that it is a common practice in Spain and Germany, where Guardiola has managed previously.

“In all the countries I have been before, everybody does it,” Guardiola told the press ahead of his sides clash with Huddersfield.

“When we were training at Bayern Munich there were people in the little mountains with cameras and the opponent was watching what we did. Everybody did it.

“It is the culture of the clubs. It was part of the club. Not because you said ‘you have to do it’. It is the culture.”

Bielsa admitted to carrying out this method of pre-game research on every team he’s faced in the Championship this season. The reactions among former players and current managers have ranged from disgust and outrage to admiration and praise.

The former Argentina and Chile manager surprised reporters with his unexpected honesty around the matter over the last week.

Bielsa even went on to give a PowerPoint presentation at a snap press conference on Wednesday. In this demonstration, he shared with reporters the analysis and preparation he regularly undertakes when planning for upcoming opponents.

The Football Association and the EFL have launched their own separate enquiries into Bielsa’s conduct.

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