Atletico Madrid forward Antoine Griezmann has been linked to Manchester United
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Griezmann adds fuel to Manchester United rumours with latest comments

Antoine Griezmann has sensationally declared that he is ‘ready to go’ as he seems ever more likely to leave Atletico Madrid this summer.

The Frenchman has been heavily linked with making a move to Manchester United this summer, and has thrown fuel on the media fire with his latest comments.

He described how he has enjoyed playing for Atletico Madrid and scoring goals on a regular basis, but now after several near misses, he wants to win titles.

At the presentation of his autobiography, Griezmann said:

“We finished third, which was the goal, but the players want more,”

“I want to win titles and I’ve reached a point where playing well and scoring goals isn’t enough.

“That’s over now. What I’m going to look for during the summer when deciding my future is winning titles.

“With Atletico, we got to finals and semi-finals of the Champions League and were close but we just lacked a little something and the club will look at what must be done.

“I don’t know if people will understand but the players, my family, the media, you all know that I play football to win titles.

“I want to live those emotions, taste it for myself and see what it feels like.”

However, when it came to where Griezmann could end, he decided to remain vague rather than mention any club in particular.

“Today, if I had to move it wouldn’t be a problem for me,”

“It may be England, which is in fashion, Germany, China or the United States but I’m ready to go.”

Just yesterday, we brought you news of how Griezmann described his chances of moving to Manchester United as 6 out of 10.

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