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Giggs responds to Zlatan’s Class of 92 jibes

Ryan Giggs has responded to Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s claims that the Sir Alex Ferguson-era band of brothers is holding back Man United.

Ibrahimovic, who played for Manchester United between 2016 and 2018, was critical of comments made by Giggs and the other Class of ’92 members about the club in the media, labelling them ‘the circle of Ferguson’.

Wales manager Giggs, who made a record 963 appearances for the club, hit back at Ibrahimovic by sarcastically retorting that the Swede “obviously” had a more intimate knowledge of the club than they do.

“When you’ve played over 2,000 games between us, we’re going to have an opinion,” Giggs told the media ahead of Wales’ international fixtures this week.

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“Sometimes positive and sometimes negative but I don’t think that has any bearing on results or anything.

“We’re supporters of the club together with other ex-players who are on TV or radio, that’s what football is about, having different opinions.

“I think there’s only Nicky (Butt, United’s head of academy) who’s connected with the club.

“But obviously he (Zlatan) knows more about the club than us.”

Giggs won 13 Premier League titles during his career at United, as well as two Champions League titles.

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