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Gareth Bale to Manchester United – Transfer latest 

Its been a funny old week regarding Gareth Bale’s Real Madrid future and links to Manchester United. Here is the latest on the potential transfer.

It all started last week as Manchester United prepared to play. Jose Mourinho was asked about his potential interest in the Welshman, but the Portuguese described the move would be “mission impossible”.

He added:

“Bale likes Madrid, the challenge and situation. They are in a good situation now and I never Felt the desire for him to leave, so why waste time on it?”

However, following the game in Santa Clara, California, Bale was spotted speaking to Mourinho in the tunnel. The United manager was heard to say:

“I can’t buy you because you don’t talk to me”

This has been interpreted by many as a huge indication that Mourinho would still love to sign the former Tottenham star, and all he needs to do is say. But still, there were no real indications that a deal was on the cards.

Mbappe the key to unlock Bale’s exit

However that all changed when Real Madrid reportedly agreed a deal with AS Monaco for Kylian Mbappe.

The deal to take the Frenchman to the Bernabeu is believed to be in the region of £160m. Despite the initial reports claiming that Mbappe would indeed stay on loan at Monaco next season, it didn’t stop some suggesting that one of Real Madrid’s BBC strike force was heading for the exit doors, and of course the Bale to Man Utd rumours were resurrected.

Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane only added fuel to the media fire. He said this week:

“Let’s hope that all of the members of the BBC stay here. I want the BBC just stay put, it’s the same for all of the players who are here.

“That said, up until August 31 [Transfer Deadline Day] anything can happen.”

Interesting comments, and certainly not a resolute statement to say that Bale is definitely staying.

The Daily Mail have now reported that Jose Mourinho is still ‘waiting to pounce’ on Gareth Bale, should he actually become available this summer.

Embed from Getty Images

So the deal could actually happen?

Well, no actually, not according to the players agent Jonathan Barnett, who has told the BBC (The News channel, not Bale Benzema and Cristiano):

“It’s a ridiculous, stupid story.”

So what will happen?

In my honest opinion, Gareth Bale will stay at Real Madrid for at least one more season.

Remember, despite of whether Mbappe moves to the Bernabeu or not, he is reportedly staying with the Ligue 1 this season regardless, whether as a Monaco player or on loan from Madrid.

So if he stays on the Côte d’Azur, why would Real Madrid allow Bale to move back to the Premier League this summer, apart from to perhaps free up finances.

However, one thing is for sure. It’s going to be a story that won’t be going away any time soon.

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