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Former Manchester United midfielder ‘understands’ why fans dislike Mourinho

Former Manchester United midfielder Paul Ince reckons his former club are becoming a laughing stock among fans of rivals clubs.

United are a club riddled with problems at the moment, with manager Jose Mourinho coming in for heavy criticism for his media outbursts, man management and his pragmatic playing style.

Ince played at Old Trafford between 1989-1995, winning two Premier League titles and he has become the latest former Manchester United player to slam Mourinho’s tactics, insisting that the Portuguese coaches style is in stark contrast to the Red Devils attacking traditions.

“Other clubs and fans are having a field day at the minute, seeing what is happening at Man United. They’re becoming a laughing stock, and falling behind.’’ He wrote in his Paddy Power column.

“The whole lot, from the top down, Ed Woodward, Jose Mourinho, Paul Pogba, everything is a total mess. You would never have seen this going on with Sir Alex Ferguson as manager, especially not playing out in public.

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“I can see now that fans are turning against Jose Mourinho, and I can understand why. When you see Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham – they’re all playing the kind of football you expect from a Manchester United side.

“The fans want to see attacking football. They want to see the kind of performances they’re used to from United sides, even if the result is sometimes disappointing.

“They’re right to be upset, because I don’t believe they’re going to see that this year either. I watched the game on Sunday, and I physically couldn’t see what Mourinho and United were trying to do. There was no gameplan whatsoever.

“When you’re managing at Old Trafford, you’re expected to play a certain style, and if you’re not then there’s going to be issues with the fans and the club.”

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