Former Arsenal ace says sacking Mourinho would be ‘terrible’

Arsenal legend Paul Merson thinks that it would be a terrible decision to sack Jose Mourinho.

The Manchester United boss has come under increasing pressure from the media and some sections of his clubs support after not playing ‘The United way’ as well losing two of their opening three Premier League games.

Despite some suggestions that he could be sacked if the Red Devils lose their game against Burnley on Sunday, former Arsenal ace Paul Merson thinks that Ed Woodward should stick by the Portuguese boss for now:

“Who are they going to get if Jose goes? I think they’d be silly to sack him, it’d be terrible but you’ve seen it before and I’ve seen it at Chelsea,” Merson told Sky Sports.

“If it can happen there, and he’s won the league, why can’t it happen at Man United where he hasn’t?

“He’s going to feel the pressure, he’s not going to be happy, he’s a serial winner. He’s going to get the hump.

“It’s going to be a hard season for them. The problem is not just Man City running away from them, it’s also looking at Liverpool and thinking how have they got all these players and we haven’t?

“They’re one of the biggest teams in the world, I’d say, and look at teams like Tottenham and Liverpool who aren’t blessed with a lorry-load of money, and look at the players they’ve bought. How many Manchester United players would get in the Liverpool team? How has that happened? That’s the problem.”

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