Defoe tells Rooney he will ‘enjoy’ life in the MLS

Wayne Rooney is preparing for life outside the Premier League after completing a move to DC United, and former England teammate Jermain Defoe thinks he will enjoy life over in the MLS.

Rooney, who is both Manchester United and England’s all time leading goalscorer, made a triumphant return to Everton last summer, but despite finishing as the Toffees top scorer, it wasn’t the best season for the 32-year-old.

He fell out with now former Blues boss Sam Allardyce, and his replacement Marco Silva seemingly hasn’t stood in the way of a Goodison Park departure.

However, Bournemouth striker Jermain Defoe has said that Rooney will be able to enjoy his life outside of the public glare in America, just like he did in his short spell in the MLS.

The former Toronto striker told the Transfer Talk podcast; “I don’t think he’ll regret because it’s a good league, a league that seems to be imprvoing every year. All the stadiums are full, the atmosphere, the facilities are always good.

“I think he will enjoy it to be honest and he will be a massive signing for the football club as he’s a massive name. He can help the younger players there by bringing in so much experience.

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“The league will be buzzing as it’s another big name. It helps the league grow as well and it’ll probably attract other big names.

“His family will love it. It’s a different lifestyle with not so much pressure on and off the pitch. He can probably enjoy his life a little bit without constantly watching things you do and things you say.”

Defoe spent one season over in the MLS before returning to England with Sunderland, but speaking about the general life of a footballer in the USA, he couldn’t speak highly enough of it:

“Of course you’ll still get recognised but if you speak to someone like Thierry when he was in New York, he’d walk around time and no-one would say anything to him.

“Can you imagine Thierry doing that in north London when he was at Arsenal? Impossible.

“Becks was the same. Of course he’d get stopped in LA but I think he still goes there now.

“When you have been in that bubble for so long, sometimes it gets to a point where you want to breathe and try and live your life

“The football side of things, I didn’t feel ilke there was that much pressure.

“There’s little things, In England, after games you’d watch Match of the Day, you’d listen to the pundits and hear what they are saying about you and other players.

“In the MLS, I felt the pressure was on yourself to perform and that was it. Then you can just enjoy your football.”


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