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Danny Rose hints at Spurs exit

Tottenham Hotspur left back Danny Rose has hinted he will leave Tottenham, amid speculation linking him to Manchester United and Chelsea.

In a sensational interview with The Sun, Rose hinted that he would like to leave the club, with a move back to the North of England something he would like at some stage of his career:

“At my age, and having missed six months with injury, I have been thinking about this quite a lot.

“I am reaching my peak and have probably only got one big contract left in me.

“Time is running out and I do want to win trophies. I don’t want to play football for 15 years and not have one trophy or one medal.

“Sorry, that’s not what I am about. I wouldn’t be happy with that. I want to win something.

“I will say this too — I will play up north. I don’t know exactly when, but I will get back up north and play some football somewhere.

“I moved away from home at 16.
“Yes I’ve got team-mates who have moved away from families in South Korea and Argentina, but I have been away for over ten years now and I don’t get to see my mum that often.

“I am going to make it my priority before I retire to play football up there.

“My short-term focus is to get back to playing like last year and if I do that the long-term will take care of itself.

“I’m not saying I want out, but if something came to me that was concrete, I’d have no qualms about voicing my opinions to anyone at the club.”

Manchester United and Chelsea have both been linked with making a move for the England international, who despite his lengthy injury layoff, still ended up in the PFA Team of the Year.

He is not believed to have handed in a transfer request, but certainly doesn’t seem happy at his current situation. He is believed to earn around £65,000-a-week at Spurs, with the club’s top earners, Harry Kane and Hugo Lloris earning around £100k. However Rose clearly believes he deserves more, and can get that elsewhere.

“Being injured has harmed me on and off the field in a lot of ways.

“When you’re injured you get a lot of time to think and I’ve had a lot of ‘what if?’ moments. It’s been hard to deal with.

“One thing is for sure — I know my worth and I will make sure I get what I am worth.

“I am not playing as well as I have done not to get paid what I think I am worth.

“In any walk of life, if you think you are worth a certain amount, why settle for less? I am not that person.

“If I get to levels I reached last season — and this goes out to everybody — I will make sure I get what I am worth. I don’t know how much longer I might have at this level. I’m not going to be stupid enough not to try and get the most out of it — medals, trophies and salary.

“Anyone who thinks this is primarily for money, that is not the case. But I know what I am worth.
“As with everyone else in my team, in my opinion, I am worth more than I am getting.

“I am not speaking on behalf of other players, but that is my view.”

It is believed that Rose would be worth around £50m in today’s market, similar to his former team mate Kyle Walker who recently moved to Manchester City.

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