Conte tells Chelsea: ‘Don’t be stupid’

Antonio Conte has urged Chelsea to be intelligent and keep faith with him as their manager, rather than be ‘stupid’.

The future of the Italian has been the subject of plenty of speculation in recent weeks following a series of disappointing results.

However, speaking ahead of Monday’s game against West Bromwich Albion, Conte has urged the club to keep the faith with him as their manager.

He said:

“You continue to work with a manager or coach not because of what he achieves in one season but because you trust in him,” he said.

“Then you build something with him.

“But it doesn’t mean you have to win something, because that’s not simple. Not easy. Especially in England.

“The way I look at it, you can win [a trophy] but, at the same time, the club might not be happy to stay with you. In that case, [they might consider] it’s right to send the coach away. At the same time, you can trust in a coach and his work and continue with him even if you don’t win, and try and build something important.

“There are two ways. There is a stupid way and an intelligent way. This is my opinion.

“At the same time, I have great respect for everyone’s opinion. If the club decides to send me away, I don’t know when, it’ll be because they’re not happy with my work.

“As you know very well, my contract expires in 2019. From my point of view, there is the will to stay and continue to work for this club.”