Conte hits back at ‘fake’ Jose Mourinho!

Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has taken the chance to sensationally hit back at Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho calling his counterpart ‘a fake,’ and ‘a little man,’ as their war of words continues to intensify.

As we reported earlier, Mourinho laid into Conte after his sides 2-0 FA Cup victory over Championship side Derby when he slammed Conte for his links to match fixing in Italy.

However, Chelsea’s Italian coach took his turn to lay into his clubs former manager after his sides disappointing 0-0 draw away to Norwich by stating :

“Before you make these types of comments, before you act, you must pay great attention because you show you are a little man.

“You don’t know very well the situation, but I know him very well in the past, because in the past he was a little man in many circumstances, he is a little man in the present, and for sure he will be a little man in the future.

“If he wants to try to change his behaviours…but Mourinho is this, and you know him very well, and the level is very low.

“I repeat, I think before you speak, you need to know very well what happened.

“I consider him a little man, and I consider him a man with a very low profile.

“I think in the last period he is suffering a little amnesia. I remember when he offended Ranieri for his English and then when Ranieri was sacked he put on a shirt for Ranieri. You are fake, you are fake!”

Conte also said he is ready to face him to clarify his comments when Chelsea travel to Old Trafford, but is unsure if his counterpart is ready.

This particular managerial disputes show absolutely no sign of dying down with neither man seemingly prepared to back down.

Surely it won’t be long until Mourinho responds …

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