Chelsea star vows not to let critics ‘kill’ him

Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has come in for some heavy criticism after he allowed a tame Lionel Messi shot to squeeze through his leg’s during the Blues 3-0 defeat at the Nou Camp.

The Belgium international’s error occurred in just the second minute on Wednesday, leaving his side a mountain to climb very early in the game.

However, Courtois has fronted up and taken responsibility for this mistake. Whilst he has also vowed not to allow the criticism to affect him.

“I don’t care what non-Chelsea people say, I know who I should listen to.

“I know who I don’t have to listen to – those that hope to kill you.

“There are those that when you are at the top, they just wait for that one little moment to destroy you.

“But nothing will destroy me. I will continue to work hard.

“I am hurt over what happened and don’t feel great at all.

“I’m a winner and I don’t like to lose, especially when it comes from a mistake by me.” The 25-year-old said.

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