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Carragher: Inevitable Mourinho would be sacked ‘before a ball was even kicked.’

Jamie Carragher says Jose Mourinho’s dismissal as Manchester United manager was ‘inevitable’ after the club’s struggles so far this season.

Mourinho was sacked on Tuesday following United’s worst start to a season in 28 years, Sunday’s 3-1 defeat at Anfield leaving the club languishing in sixth-place, 19 points adrift of leaders Liverpool.

Carragher believes United’s problems date back to the start of the season, with growing tensions between the 55-year-old and key figures at Old Trafford.

“You have to go back to the start of the season, I thought it was inevitable Jose Mourinho wouldn’t be the manager the following season,” Carragher told Sky Sports News.

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“There’s been a lot of problems between him and the board and with his big-name players within the squad, there was a massive downturn in the relationship that was there for all to see.

“Taking the captaincy off Pogba, giving it to him in the first place, it all just looked like it was coming to an end and that was before a ball was even kicked.”

“There’s no doubt a lot will be made of the fact he wanted a centre-back in the summer, but I don’t think a whole regime should fall down because you miss out on one player,”

“There’s managers in the past who have missed out on players. Pep Guardiola missed out on (Alexis) Sanchez when Mourinho got him in February, Sir Alex Ferguson missed out on (Alan) Shearer, Paul Gascoigne, you have to move on and look at a different options. That is part of management.”

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