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Bielsa berates current state of modern football

Marcelo Bielsa has said modern football is becoming ‘less and less attractive’ and is concerned business is impacting the game.

Bielsa is currently leading Uruguay’s impressive campaign at the Copa America with La Celeste having eliminated Brazil on penalties to reach the competition’s semi-finals.


The Argentine has built his reputation on energetic adventurous football but the veteran coach has expressed his concerns with how the modern game is evolving and being commercialised.

“Football has more and more spectators but it is becoming less and less attractive,” Bielsa said at a press conference.

“What made the game the best game in the world at the time is not being prioritised today. Then this process will be finished. No matter how many people watch football, if you don’t ensure that what people watch is something pleasant, it will only benefit the business. Because the business only cares about how many people watch it.

“But in a few years, the players who deserve to be watched will be less, and the game produced will be less enjoyable, this current artificial increase of spectators will end. Football is not five minutes of highlights. Football is much more than that. It is a cultural expression, it is a way of identification. Possibly there are Uruguayans who only watch the highlights of the national team’s game, but that has nothing to do with the essence that allowed the fall in love of a population with the most significant identification sign that people have (football).


“I think we should all ignore the scenario they propose to us, where the controversey, the accusation, the determination of who is guilty, becomes an obsession that worsens the atmosphere in which football should be played.”

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