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Best Tips For Betting In The Premier League

The Premier League is the most popular football division in the world, with millions of viewers worldwide. Therefore, it makes sense that many bets are placed on the action each game week. However, not every bet will be a winner, but if you like a flutter on England’s top flight, read on for our tips on how to improve your chances of walking away a winner.

Knowledge is power when it comes to betting, so the first port of call is to know as much as possible about teams, their players, form and other vital statistics. We live in a world where in-depth data is available readily online and making use of it is a sure-fire way to increase the chances of cashing a winning bet.

Timing is everything when it comes to betting on the Premier League, something which is often overlooked by many. While some people feel comfortable placing their bets well ahead of kick-off, it’s worth noting the line-ups won’t be made public knowledge until an hour before kick-off, and this is key. For example, someone may have placed a bet on Liverpool beating Manchester City, but what if both Mo Salah and Sadio Mane were unavailable on the day?

The football accumulator is very popular in the United Kingdom, primarily with 3 pm Premier League kick-offs on a Saturday afternoon. The aim of turning a small stake into something massive is all well and good, but the odds of doing so are unlikely. Therefore, betting on the Premier League should be kept to singles and doubles, and at a push a treble. The fewer selections, the better if you want to be a winner.

There’s a whole range of betting markets to consider when planning a bet on the Premier League now too, with the options continuing to grow at a rapid rate. There’s no longer the need to back teams to win, with markets for goals scored, cards and corners now more popular than ever. If you can tie that in with the research you’ve done and the stats available even better, you should never stick to one single market.

As well as not sticking to a single betting market, it’s advantageous to take the same approach when it comes to bookmakers too. If you’re betting in the online world, or on mobile, you’ll be aware of the promotions and bonuses offered by betting companies, and for the most part, they’re advantageous. Taking advantage of free bet offers cannot only save you money but help you make money too. It is worth noting there are several quality sites that offer extremely generous bonuses and free bets such as BettingOnline, which cuts out the hassle of going to each bookmaker to compare offers.

Odds often differ slightly from bookmaker to bookmaker too, and while the difference may be small, it’s always worthwhile going with the more favourable odds. It’s another little tip which can pay dividends, and if you put all of the above into action, you should have a more prosperous and enjoyable time betting on the English Premier League.