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Bernardo Silva explains the ‘little details’ that have cost Man City the Premier League title

It’s only February, but the Premier League title race has already been well and truly run, and it’s now a case of when rather than if Liverpool will be crowned champions.

Having picked up 198 points over the previous two seasons, winning back-to-back league titles, Man City have been decidedly off the boil this time round, already falling 22 points behind the unbeaten league leaders.

Pep Guardiola’s side have already lost six league games this season, the same as in their last two seasons combined, and Bernardo Silva has discussed the clubs shortcomings in their failed pursuit of a third consecutive crown.

“The Premier League has been a huge disappointment to be so far from Liverpool and now we have to fight for the second position,” he told Sky Sports.

“It hurts a lot because when you start a season, you always want to go for the Premier League, it’s the main competition and the most important for the fans. So it’s very disappointing, no one expected us to be this far from Liverpool in January or February so it’s something that we need to learn from. We need to understand what failed and how we can solve it.

“I don’t think it’s how you defend or attack, I think it’s a mix of plenty of things. I think little details make a huge difference and if you look at us this season, all the little details never went out way. It’s not an excuse, we should’ve done better, and we are very disappointed in ourselves.

“But if you look at the injuries we’ve had, the VAR decisions that never went our way and I’m not complaining, but in football, it sometimes goes your way and sometimes not. We create 30 chances per game and we score one or two goals. The opponents, they go close once or twice and they score one or two goals as well but the game is there.

“The way we play is the same way we’ve been playing over the last few seasons. If you look at the stats, we’re still the team that creates the most chances, scores the most goals but in the important moments, we’ve not been as lucky as in the past seasons. We always concede in the last minute, Liverpool always scores in the last minutes and these little details in football make the difference. The team just has to try and find the balance.”

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