Benitez: Newcastle should be a top six Premier League club

Newcastle boss Rafa Benitez believes his club ‘easily’ have the potential to be a top six or eight Premier League club.

The former Liverpool and Real Madrid coach has repeatedly spoken of the North East sides potential since taking over at St.James Park in 2016.

Despite the Magpies struggles in recent seasons they still play their home games in front of a fanatical 52k fans each week and many believe it is the clubs potential that has caused Benitez to stay on as Newcastle manager, despite the criminal under investment in his side by controversial owner Mike Ashley.

Rumours have begun to surface again this week suggesting Ashley is in serious discussions to sell the club, something Newcastle fans and everybody involved with the club have been crying out for for some time.

When asked if he still thinks Newcastle have the potential to be become one of the biggest clubs in the Premier League ahead of his sides clash against Wolves today, Benitez said:

“Yes, 100 per cent. Again I’d say it’s not my job to talk about this too much because I don’t have the information, but as you say generally it’s very clear it has the potential to be one of the top sides.

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“For me, it has to be in the top six or top eight easily. I’ve seen some people criticising the North East, but it’s an area with great potential.

“This club is the only one here in this region which is so big, you can attract anyone.”

“Yes, for sure. There’s massive potential. When I was in Valencia, Napoli, even Inter or Liverpool, you were checking the richest clubs in the world, the biggest.

“I don’t know, but I think we’re something like 99 per cent of capacity coming to the home games here every week. In some countries – in Italy for sure – it’s really, really difficult to find that, and here it means that everybody cares about football too.

“If you are in the Premier League and in the top eight, you can play in Europe in any competition, in Europa League, in Champions League. But obviously you have to go one step at a time.”

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