£78million into the 2017 transfer window yet Man City's squad still has big holes

As we approach the month of July, City’s quick work in the transfer market makes them one of the most active traders in the Premier League. Yet their squad is still littered with holes.

Already Pep Guardiola has brought in big names such as goalkeeper Ederson and midfield maestro Bernardo Silva. Yet in order for City to make the step to World Class club and Champions League contender, holes still need to be addressed in their squad. Where are City lacking the most, in the eyes of the administration and the fans?


Most painfully obvious is City’s desperate need to sign multiple full backs before the summer’s end. As this window opened, City should have been looking to sign one or maybe even two young and fit outside defenders who might adapt to Guardiola’s fast-paced attacking style more readily than the ageing Sagna, Zabaleta, and Clichy.

The full back problem was exacerbated, however; when City decided to offload all three of those older players, making it absolutely necessary to bring in a few wing defenders. The transfer stories surrounding City and its potential targets have, so far, been rather complicated in comparison to the Ederson and Silva signings.

Kyle Walker, Grimaldo, Semedo, Alex Sandro, Benjamin Mendy, Fabinho, and most recently, Dani Alves are all rumored to be targets. It is imperative that the Blues get their hands on enough of these players by the end of the window to last them a long and grueling 17/18 season.


On paper, it may seem that City have even a surplus of attacking players. Considering Aguero, David Silva, Sané, Sterling, de Bruyne and Gabriel Jesus, one might think that City would be focusing their attentions elsewhere in the squad for this particular transfer window. Yet it has become clear that City are in the market for one more out-and-out attacker to sharpen the side going forward.

Among Pep’s favorites for this position are ex-Barça player Alexis Sanchez and hotshot youngster Kylian Mbappe. Alexis is a proven deadly striker in the Premier League, having terrorised English defences for a few years now using his dogged work rate, blistering pace, and tricky skills. He would be a sure 10-goal and 10-assist man if he were added to the squad. But he is at the height of his career at this moment; there would not be a more expensive time for City to try and buy him.

Also driving up the price is City’s current rival position to Arsena – with both clubs trying to win the title every season, it would take extra money to convince Arsenal to sell. No matter how expensive, Sanchez is sure to score goals for City and a priority for Pep Guardiola, as it seems.

Another one of his options is 18-year-old Monaco striker Kylian Mbappe, who took the French Ligue 1 by storm in the most recent season. He provided over a dozen goals in the league’s season, and added more in cup competitions, including a rocket of a finish in the Manchester leg of their Champions League tie against City.

He too would cost an arm and a leg for City, maybe even a world record, considering the fact that he has generated interest from every big-spending club in Europe. But his price tag encompasses the bags of goals that are promised from such a young, hungry, and potentially World-Class striker for years to come.

Who do City need to sign this summer? Can Guardiola win the title next season? Leave us your thoughts below.

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