Five of the best: Hat tricks ever – Part 2

We all love goals and as people often say, scoring them is the hardest thing to do in the game. But some people just make it look easy and scoring three in a game is an achievement that rightly deserves to be heralded. In this series we are going to take a look at some of the Greatest Hat-tricks ever scored.

Luis Suarez v Norwich 

“Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone”, as with all things in life, the Counting Crows sum up Luis Suarez’s time in English football with one devastating line, you cut us deep Counting Crows, you cut us deep. Ok that might be overstating things a bit but it’s true that we probably didn’t give the Uruguayan the credit he deserved during his time at Liverpool.

He didn’t help himself with the biting, the bans, the Evra incident and subsequent t-shirt debacle, but he was some player. What a goal scorer, he (basically) single handedly dragged the Reds to second place in the league in 13/14 with 31 goals including 4 against Norwich in December 2013. Sit back and enjoy a goalscoring masterclass including a particularly audacious effort to bring up the hat trick.

Kanu v Chelsea 

There are plenty of reasons to love Kanu, the back story (overcoming health issues), the languid playing style, the fact that he was probably/definitely about 45 years old while playing for Arsenal but most of all it was the goals, and almost specifically these three. Picture the scene, Arsenal are two down at Stamford Bridge, (younger readers will not need to stretch themselves too much to imagine this scenario), Chelsea are cruising but then up steps Kanu. The first two are great finishes, the third to complete the hat trick and win the game? Ridiculous.

Geoff Hurst v West Germany

The most famous hat trick in English football history? Probably and with good reason. Let’s look at it from the outside. A hat trick in an international is a decent achievement, a hat trick in a World Cup should guarantee hero status forever, a hat trick in a World Cup final, to win it, against your biggest rivals, on your home turf?

Can you imagine the hysteria if it happened nowadays? Sure the second didn’t actually cross the line but the third was emphatic and it did give us the greatest line of commentary of all time…

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink v Spurs


A hat trick is always satisfying but a perfect hat trick is always great to see. For those who don’t know, that means that your trio of goals should include one off your left, one off your right and one with the head. Normally when you see these types of hat tricks at least one of the goals is a tap in or a scuffed finish. But not this one, Hasselbaink was probably one of the best strikers of a football in the game and his first and third in this local derby illustrate that.


Micheal Duberry – Oxford United v Hereford


Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, may have scored a perfect hat trick but did you know that there’s such a thing as an Imperfect Hat trick? It’s much rarer and the eagle eyed among you may have gotten a clue from the title of this section. Normally we say X player vs Y team but this case, Michael Duberry managed three of the goals in a classic 2-2 draw, an impressive feat in it’s own right, but he also managed to do it in the fabled left foot, right foot, header combination. Congratulations !!