Zlatan tells Kane he’ll need to leave Spurs to win trophies

The outspoken Swede has called on Harry Kane to move on from “normal” club Tottenham Hotspur.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is arguably the most quotable footballer on the planet, but this is one statement Spurs fans won’t want to quote him on this week.

The former Manchester United striker praised the 25-year-old England international in his latest interview, but said Kane should move away from the London club if he wants to achieve success, suggesting that Spurs is not a so-called ‘big’ club.

“When I was in England, I saw him play. I think he is a good striker. He’s still developing, he’s doing good things,” Zlatan told Bethard.

“But I always say, playing in a big club, performing good is different from playing in… with all respect to Tottenham, a ‘normal’ club.

“I think he can make it. He just needs to make the move, and people will remember you for what you win.

“So if he wants to win, then yes, I think he needs to change”

Kane is currently out injured with ankle ligament damage suffered towards the end of their clash with Man United earlier this month, and is not expected to return to action until March.

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